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About Drone Imaging

The high-resolution images used in aerial maps are captured from a relatively low altitude, allowing for a level of detail that is not achievable with satellite imagery used in Google Maps. Aerial images also provide a clear and accurate representation of the property's boundaries, buildings, and surrounding areas. This level of detail is particularly useful for property inspections, where accurate measurements and assessments of the property's condition are critical.

Apartment Map

Construction Site

Additionally, aerial maps often have up-to-date information, including recent changes in the property or surrounding area, making them a reliable source for property inspections. Overall, the image quality provided by aerial maps is superior to that of Google Maps and is an invaluable resource for property inspections.

Google Map vs Drone Map


Our drone technology facilitates site monitoring, planning, and progress reporting for construction projects. Regular aerial insights offer timely project updates, save resources, and reduce the need for manual surveys.

Urban Development

For urban developers and city planners, our photogrammetry services provide high-resolution 3D maps that facilitate efficient infrastructure design. Our detailed aerial perspectives can enhance the planning and execution of urban development projects.

Terrain Map

Our terrain maps offer crucial insights for stormwater management and water runoff planning by visualizing the topography of an area.


We provide aerial imaging solutions for precision agriculture, helping identify crop stress, assess irrigation needs, and estimate yields. Our services transform raw data into actionable insights, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Data Hosting

We host all files via a Google Cloud-based database, ensuring secure and stable data management. Clients can access their high-resolution images and detailed maps anytime, anywhere, with no concerns about storage constraints or data loss.

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